Every year that begins, we have the possibility of a new beginning. January is a time we usually reflect on our lives. What we want, we want, new goals and objectives. We propose new attitudes and new habits. We are more open to new opportunities and possibilities. And we believe that, in the name of Jesus, 2017 will be the Year of Fullness in our lives.

We know that the basis of God’s grace in our lives is faith. The certainty that we already have the primordial to live in this world is what gives support to our existence. Jesus teaches that living is the greatest legacy of the universe, not the material goods or things. We want to invite you to leave a legacy, to put in your goal of the year to help others. To provide the fullness in another person’s life, create opportunities by becoming a Partner of God. This work is the gospel in practice. We need you to follow through with this project that blesses thousands of lives.