Campaign Sowing Miracles – March 2017

Every seed which is planted in fertile soil, will germinate in the future, it is the same when it comes to life. As we irrigate, cultivate and look after it, growth will surely come.

But what if the results which we eagerly long for, do not come in the same proportion of satisfaction which is expected? This could be the reflex of the lack of discernment with the situations around us, that is why, there is nothing better than seeking direction and answers from God.

He is daily showing us that there is a life of victories and blessing waiting for us, that is why he has gave an abundant life as our inheritance.

Have faith and sow the miracle in your life. Enjoy this occasion and be with us this month taking part of the Campaign “Sowing Miracles” , in which the key verse of Scripture tells us: “Those who sow in tears will reap in joy”.

It is time to reap the fruits!


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